The true belle of the ball is of course, Cinderella. The biggest of panto’s each and every year!

Its got it all, Comedy, Romance, baddies to boo and hero’s to cheer.

Spectacle abounds with the Classic Carriage scene, the grandiose ballroom, UV illusion, and much more beside.

Guarantee a large audience with the most beloved of all panto’s.

All YBR panto’s are written, directed and produced by the team, and so are exclusive to the Yellow Brick Road.

Length: 2 hours 10 mins including Interval

Principal Adult Cast: 7

Juveniles: up to 20 (x 3)








BUTTONS  Tom Scott




Fairy land – star studded backdrop, smoke and haze. Fairy godmother is sat sewing a dream blanket. Fairy machine (The Wisholascope) sat next to her on small table or stand.

Underscore music

Fairy Godmother:

There, that’s it, ….. ooo…. Oh my goodness, I didn’t see you all there, you’ll have to excuse me, I wasn’t expecting guests, I was just busy putting the final touches to my new magic dream blanket, they wear out so quickly nowadays. You know you can’t get them… oh sorry; you don’t want to listen to me wittering on about my blankets.

Its nice you  popped in, I was just listening to my wisholascope, just playing back some of the nice wishes that we’ve managed to be able to grant for people. There are so many more people making wishes nowadays, but today’s been nice and quiet, don’t often get much chance to put my feet up…. Oh sorry, you’re not familiar with the wisholascope. This ones an old one now, just a million terabyte, but it suits me. You see. Every time anyone makes a wish it comes through here… and if its at all possible, I do what I can to grant them. Luckily I can do most of it from home, I work from home a lot now. You see what happens

Noise change (something like tuning radio and sparkles) light effect

Oooho, well would you believe it, there’s one coming through now, you can see how it works! You have to be very quiet, because sometimes they come from a long way away, and we mustn’t miss any part of the wish…. Its coming through now…

Light comes up on Cinderella upstage right


Oh…. There, that’s this mornings chores done, so tired. Oh how I wish life could be just a little easier, I mean I love my sisters dearly … but why do they make my life so hard, why do they seem to get so much joy out of trying to make me miserable. And although I look for everything positive in them, it just seems to get worse and worse and worse. Why do they like to be so cruel to me? I’ve never done anything wrong to them! i love them  so much, but no matter what I do, they just seem to… hate me… more and more. I just don’t know what to do. Oh, how I wish things were different, but I don’t suppose they ever will be for me.

Light effects fade, sound crackles out

Fairy Godmother:

Oh my goodness, what a sad little girl, this is one wish I won’t be able to tackle from home and it sounds like its going to need a lot of power. So, lets start with a little background, I’ll just look up her profile on wishbook! Here we are! I’ll just trace the wish, to see where….. ah! Here we are, oh what a lovely name… Cinderella, and such a pretty girl… Oh dear it says here that her Daddy died when she was only 14… she seemed quite happy till then. Ahhh… this is becoming clearer… it appears her two step-sisters have ruled the roost since then.. Oh look at this, “do this”, “do that”, “Fetch this ”Fetch That”, why they treat this poor girl like a slave… well… things have got to change.. I think I’m going to have to look at this in person.

But a fairy my age, against two very formidable forces like those sisters, Oh… I’m not old you understand, why next year I’ll only be seven hundred and fifty six, Yes there’s a lot of life left in this old fairy… But I do feel these weary bones could use a little help, but who… I need younger, more lively spirits to help me with this one… IVE GOT IT! I could add you all to my own wishbook profile, right, now! Will you help me with these two step-sisters of Cinderella?

OK, well I need to put your names in… so all shout out your names (Ad-libs)

Oh that’s wonderful, oh I didn’t get yours dear, what’s your name again dear?... oh that’s better, now that’s everyone in. Now all we have to do is get you all to take the oath. I’ve got it here somewhere… now where did I put it… I’ve not used it in such a long time… Ah here we are… Now all stand up… everybody… that includes you little girl (point to old lady) That’s it.. everybody… now all raise your right hands and repeat after me:

I take the wishing helpers oath

To make Cinders dreams come true,

So look out nasty sisters,

We’re all coming after you.

There, that’s the ticket; now you sit back and relax… you’re going to need your strength.

Magic Dream Blanket, take us where

We can find little cinders, fair

Help us change the wrongs to right

And make cinders wish, come true this night!

Through starry galaxies,

To the earth below

We’re coming cinders,

(to audience) well come on, lets go!

SONG: Oh What an Atmosphere! (Maypole Dancing)


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